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   Hi Carol, I just wanted to let you know how blown away I was when I first smelled your soaps! I work at a hospital and a patient of mine was using it and I just raved about how nice the smell was. When she told me it was handmade, I HAD to know where to purchase some of my own. I have placed an order and cannot wait until it gets here! I will let you know what I think after my first bath with it! Thanks so much, you're doing a great job!
-Lauren, Staunton, VA
   I ordered soaps from you last month and I love them. You send me a small bar of mermaid soap as a gift, and wonder of wonders, it is the most amazing soap I have ever used. The moment I tried it was like I had an epiphany. Its scent was heavenly, the texture was soft on my skin, and it cleared up dry spots on my body I have had trouble with during the winter for years. You are a goddess for solving this problem just by being kind in sending a little extra gift that happened to work a miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I guess I'll have to thank my sister too, she told me about you. Now I will go look for my coupon so I can place my next order.
   I just received my order, and I am so happy with it. I could smell the soaps before I even reached the mailbox. I have used the Tree Hugger so far and the scent is wonderful and stays with you!! I am addicted!! Thanks so much!!
   Good afternoon Carol and staff,
I just wanted to send a letter of thanks to you all. My family and I came to your store as we were away on vacation from Long Island, NY. We were there just before Easter and I wanted to get my sisters and parents some of you WONDERFUL soaps. You, your staff and shop made us feel so at home and welcomed! Thank you for your beautiful product and for spending a little time talkng with us! When we come down in the summer we will be sure to stopin again!
   Well I just received my order (Daphne's Cottage) and I am just blown away. I am speechless!!! I have ordered from 47 companies so far to try and find soap's and lotion's to carry in my boutique, and I was not happy or thrilled ONCE!!! Oatmeal and honey and oatmeal and almond is my favorite soap and I am very picky. Your's is perfection, the smell, the lather, the look, everything!!! I would kill to get your wholesale info sent to me ASAP by e-mail. I am so excited!!! I can't wait to take a bath. If your soap's are this good, you should go full out spa. Lotion's, body butter's, the work's!!!
    The look of your soap's are so so so pretty. You are doing a wonderful job!!!
  I look forward to hearing from you, thank's so much
Hi Carol & family,
Congratulations on the fabulous article!!  I remember buying my first natural soap from you at your table in the market and now look at you.  It has been so exciting watching you grow into every new phase.  We are so happy for you!!  You have worked so hard, you should be very proud of yourself.  You did it!!! 
What a great photo!  You three look beautiful, and we love your hair Carol!
We hope you get tons of business from this!
Congratulations!  : )
-Debbie & Bill Brink
Hi Carol.  I am so pleased with my soaps!  My bath
tonight was pure Heaven.  Thank you.
-Barbara, Wappingers Falls, NY
I just want to thank you for recommending pine tar soap to me for a horrible rash I had on my legs and on my chest.  I had suffered with the rash on my legs for better than 4 years, going to dermatologists and taking medications with little or no relief.
You had recommended the soap to me the year before, but as I was buying another product from you to soften my heals... and dealing with my crazy skin, I was reluctant to add a second new substance into my life.  A year later, you again recommended the pine tar soap.  The rash on my chest immediately quieted down and within a week was gone, never to return (I had had the rash on my chest a few times.... but nothing like the ongoing problem on my lower legs).  With the immediate relief for my chest, I was heartened to continue the treatment on my legs even though there was no immediate help.
I also used the soap on another outbreak of the rash on my upper thigh. That too disappeared, though came back a few times before going away all together.
So I had hope that eventually it would work on my legs.  The first year I used it daily in the shower.  If I did have an outbreak, I sometimes used it during the day to soothe the skin.  On really bad patches I actually used turpentine and gained relief.  But little by little over the year I had fewer and fewer outbreaks.  I have just gone a year without an outbreak.  I was getting a little lazy on using the soap... and in January I had a flare up on my leg I am dealing with.  I am hopefull it is almost over.
All this to say, I will continue using this soap DAILY for I guess the rest of my life.
Your soap has done what several dermatologists couldn't do with fancy medicines.
I am placing another order!  
Thanks for giving me back my life... free of itching!!
-Barbara, High Point, NC
One of the hightlights of my trips to Wilmington is visiting Out of Eden shop. Not just to see and smell the new fragrances introduced each year, but to visit your delightful family. A visit to Out of Eden Soap Shop is creatively inspriring! You always have such great ideas! I bring home memories with the soaps that make the car smell wonderful all the way home. The soap not only smells good but feels good to wash with. My church home group uses the annointing oil at times as we pray for one another. It has a wonderful fragrance and is so great to have. May God continue to bless you and your business. Have you made a soap ""Whiter than snow"" from Isaiah 1:18?
-Linda, Waynesboro, VA
I just wanted to say that you have the best smelling products I have ever tried and I must admit that I have tried them all and none compares to the quality you get from your products.I just LOVE the fragrance oil that you carry. The smell truely last all day. My favorite is the carolina breeze and the sweet pea. I just wish that you had more products in those fragrances. Your store is so cute on the inside. Makes you feel very girly when you walk in that is for sure. Keep doing a great job and keep selling such wonderful products and I will keep buying!!
-Tonya, Wilmington, NC
Whenever we get to come to Wilmington we cannot wait to come by and see the prettiest women in Wilmington and get our favorite soaps. A shop like this is what keeps Wilmington one of the best cities to visit. I think Prince William has even shopped there ;)
-Michael, Charlotte, NC
When visiting my sister who lives in Wilmington, I came across your adorable little shop and chatted with your mother for while who was working that day.  I bought several of your soaps, mostly because they looked so pretty.  I really did not expect them to be so wonderful!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Carolina Breeze scent.  It smells so fresh and clean and the scent really lasts!  I get comments from people at work who tell me that I smell great hours after showering.  The thing that most surprises me is how moisturizing it is and how thick it lathers.  My sister is not allowed to visit me in Va Beach unless she brings me your soaps!  Thanks for a great product.
-Colleen, Virginia Beach, VA
My daughter and I were in your store last Friday, November 10. I had never been there before but my daughter had. What a lovely store. She and I both had a wonderful time looking at everything and smelling all the different scents. I loved the items we purchased. Thanks for a wonderful experience. We'll be back the next time we are in Wilmington.
-Belinda, Colfax NC
Over the summer I had the opportunity of coming into your store while visiting downtown Wilmington and of course I purchased several items while there.  I love the soaps that I bought and now I'm addicted!  I have been wondering if you guys will develop a particular seasonal soap and that soap is:  Cinnamon along with the lotion.  I love the smell of cinnamon during the festive times of the year and it is a very soothing smell to me as well as difficult to find good soap and lotion in that particular scent.  Please let me know when you have the time.  Also, I wanted to say that I did get the Jewelweed Poison Ivy soap and would like to say that it definitely works, especially if someone has ecszema!  Cleared it right up in 3 days just by washing the affected area with the soap, also it is helping me with some acne on my face that just recently broke out, so please let everyone know how great this stuff is. 
-Christina, Greensboro NC
One rainy afternoon my friend Katie and I happened to stumble across your adorable little soap shop while browsing downtown on a break from class. I fell in love with the Wrightsville Breeze scent and what do you know, 3 weeks later I had the body butter, lotion bar, and scrub as a birthday gift from her! (It happened to be my favorite gift might I add!) Your items are amazing and the scent lasts forever! I will NEVER by any other lotion from anywhere again! That stuff is awesome! 
-Lauren, North Carolina
My family recently bought a summer house in north carolina. While I was there this summer i visited downtown Wilmington and your store was the first that caught my eye! I absolutely love the black raspberry vanilla soap. I always use it and the smell is amazing. My favorite part of showering is using that soap! I also bought my mom a lotion bar for her birthday and she says it is the only thing that has worked for her dry hands and keeps them soft, not to mention the wonderful fragrance! I just wanted to tell you how much i love your soaps and lotions and i will definatley be ordering some for christmas gifts!
-Molly, NJ
My daughter visited Wilmington this summer and purchased some soap for me as a birthday gift. Best present I ever had! Each fragrance is amazing and lasts long after the bath or shower. I can't wait to give your items as gifts to my friends & family!
-Lisa, Georgia
I came in a few weeks ago and bought two bars of jewelweed soap. Unfortunately, at the time, I already had a case of poison ivy or oak. It helped cut down on the itching, but didn't really make it go away, of course. But last weekend, I was working in the back, and ran into more poison oak (that stuff is EVERYWHERE this year) and I know I got the sap all over myself - there's no way I could have avoided it. But I came in at the end of the day and showered with the soap, and it worked! By now, I would normally be starting a good rash, but I'm just fine. Got off scott-free, thanks to your soap. Nice, because having two back-to-back cases of poison oak is just too cruel. Thanks much! I'll definitely be back for more before the summer is over!
-Andie Reid, North Carolina
We usually make it to Wilmington once a year and I love visiting  your shop! I love the way it is decorated and every product you sell! I also love that everyone in your shop is so friendly it makes for a great soap shopping experience! Thanks!
-Jennifer Rodgers, South Carolina
After spending all day training my dogs and horses, your soaps & body scrubs transform my shower into a personal spa.  Thank you and God bless.  I will NEVER buy any other soaps anywhere but with you again.  You are definitely the best ANYWHERE!!!!
-Beverly Mitchell, North Carolina
My daughter and I traveled from Michigan to Wilmington  for her 16th birthday.  What a fabulous city! Out of Eden Soaps store on Market Ave. was amazing.  The interior of the store is enough to get you to peek inside the colors and layout are adorable.  If that wasn’t enough the staff was very friendly and answered my questions about their pine tar soap for psoriasis.  The products are worth the money!  I will definitely be ordering more products via your website.
-Cari Wolfe, Michigan
I received my order from your website yesterday and I can’t tell you how much I love the soaps.  We were on vacation near Wilmington 2 years ago when we first visited your store.  I tell everyone that  it is the cutest store I have ever been in.  Next summer I told my husband that our vacation is to go back down near Out of Eden Soap so I can stock up.  I bought my son the soap with the fish in it and he wants to take a bath all the time now. Thanks Out of Eden Soaps for such a wonderful product!!!
-Lara Eisel, Ohio
I am so glad I discovered your store! I could have spent the entire day there exploring all the products and talking to you.  The soap and lotion bar I bought have completely rehydrated my sun burned skin.  I only wish I lived closer so that I could swing in whenever I wanted to see your latest products and chat with you more.  Your store was one of the highlights of my vacation.  I am definitely hooked!
-Rebecca Joann Harter, Ohio
203 Racine Drive
Wilmington, NC 28403